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Get our newest, state of the art, mesh network technology with Rise Premium Wi-Fi. Less buffering, No dead-zones, and Parental controls make this whole home Wi-Fi system a must for any size home.


I was pleased with my installation experience with Rise Broadband. They arrived when scheduled and the technician was very respectful. He met to our request on placement of the receiver/antennae. The installation was neat an he assisted us with our connection. Great Job!

- Carol Fynaardt

Google | Mar 03, 2021

Professional and nice job

- Fernando

Trustpilot | Feb 28, 2021

I have had the service for a total of 1 day and so far it is good. Installation went really well! I received a postcard with a teaser rate of $25/month so I called. That rate is really not available it is really $35/month. Then there is the equipment rental for $11/month. So I am in it for $46/month and a $75 installation. $20 more/month if I want unlimited data. $20/month more if I want phone service. $25/month more for a static IP address. $10 more/month if I want support. $5 more/month if I want a paper bill. Sounds more like a cell phone company.

- Mark Gebhardt

Google | Feb 25, 2021

The installer was here early! A treat... And he was great - new service up and running in no time. super easy.. and I even noticed my internet was faster. so far, so good.

- Corinne Fazzio

Google | Feb 24, 2021