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Shane was excellent in helping me with questions I had.

- Marie West

Google | Dec 04, 2021

We had an enjoyable experience. Tech showed up in Mid morning and quickly installed everything. No problems so far.

- William Poppen

Google | Dec 03, 2021

From setting up an account online to John the technician's expert install..the whole process with Rise has been a pleasure. Would highly recommend in your house has a clear view to one of their towers.

- Rafael López

Google | Dec 03, 2021

Great service! We recently switched over from Centurylink, and it's been great service thus far. With Centurylink we were paying out the wazoo for slow, unreliable service, max was 25 mbps out here in the Boulder open space area north of 36. Phone lines are old, and the Internet went out constantly with Centurylink, sometimes for a whole week which was detrimental for our business. Centurylink has no plan to repair/replace those telephone wires for just a few people that live out here. We had just about had it with that service. Rise said they could get us 25 mbps, but it ends up being up to 30-40 mbps at times! All through radio tower signals. We have a voice line as well, that operates through the radio signal, that works great. We don't have to worry about the old phone lines anymore. The mesh network using multiple modems makes it so much better for spreading out service on our property. Super beneficial, and it's all about half the cost of Centurylink.

- Harlequin's Gardens

Google | Nov 30, 2021