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Rise Broadband Fixed LTE to Expand to Over 20 More Markets

Andrew Burger – Telecompetitor
May 12, 2016

Residential and business service subscribers in rural and suburban areas of Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas will benefit from the first phase of Rise’s service upgrade and fixed wireless broadband network expansion.

Rise Broadband subscribers’ fast growing Internet usage and shifting habits is prompting the fixed wireless broadband provider to keep up with the technological “Jones’s” and competitive pressures. Rise subscribers’ Internet usage has been growing at a 40% annual rate, president and CEO Jack Koo highlighted in yesterday’s press release.


Rise Broadband Fixed LTE
Rise Broadband fixed LTE provides Internet and digital telephone services to homes, businesses and buildings housing government and other public organizations. That eliminates the need to invest in costly fiber, cable or satellite technology and associated infrastructure deployments.

Rise is focusing on delivering wireless broadband services to under-served areas. The company also offers DISH TV service throughout its coverage area.

Rise Broadband had acquired no less than 112 broadband wireless companies operating in 16 states as of April. It was also one of the biggest winners in the latest round of Rural Broadband Experiment funding and anticipated submitting bids in the Connect America reverse auction. That could result in Rise being “the carrier of last resort” in parts of the rural U.S.

Last month, co-founder Jeff Kohler told Telecompetitor Rise was anticipating a big boost in wireless broadband economics due to technological advances and new spectrum availability. Regarding the former, “We’re getting quadruple the capacity and double or triple the speed for the same price” that the company has recently been paying, Kohler said.

In March, Rise Broadband unveiled its Premium Technical Support program for residential and small business customers. The service package covers tech assistance, tune-ups and maintenance for PCs and Macs, mobile device configuration, streaming support and equipment troubleshooting.

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