Rise CEO Named 2016 CEO of Year Finalist – Colorado Business Magazine

Colorado Business Magazine CEO of Year Finalists (2016)

Jack Koo’s background in finance and telecommunications and his 25 years of experience come in handy.

“Our ability to close the digital divide by providing high-speed internet to rural and suburban communities is directly tied to favorably negotiating and maintaining access to capital,” he says. “Telecommunications is a very capital-intensive business and my finance experience directly supports [our] considerable financial capabilities, fueling the company’s high growth and profitability.”

Koo says the most exciting trend in his industry is fixed wireless technology, with innovations around Long-Term Evolution, or LTE. “We’re seeing the ability to provide 10 times faster speeds and 10 times more capacity in our network [that results in improved service] to our customers in rural and underserved areas,” he says. “It’s really gratifying to see Google and AT&T talk about deploying fixed wireless service after 10 years of us beating the drum.”

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