CNET reviews the pros and cons of Rise Broadband

At CNET, David Anders provides a brief overview of Rise Broadband, including pros and cons.

Anders asks the question if Rise Broadband is any good. His verdict? “When comparing with other services, Rise Broadband is a great choice against other satellite providers.”

If your internet connection comes down to Rise Broadband and satellite from either HughesNet or Viasat, Rise Broadband will be the better value. Compared to satellite internet, Rise Broadband comes with lower pricing, latency low enough to support online gaming and much, much more data.


  • Availability – Rise Broadband is the largest fixed wireless provider in the US. Coverage spans 16 states with serviceability greatest in suburban and rural areas. No direct cables to the home are required.
  • Data allowance – As a rural internet provider, Rise Broadband is a bit more generous with data than most. Plans include 250GB per month, or are unlimited.
  • Wi-Fi equipment – Three Wi-Fi options are available, including a mesh network setup — a luxury hard to come by with many providers, rural or otherwise. The Premium Mesh Package will add $15 to your monthly bill, but it’s well worth considering for whole-home connectivity.

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