Additional Fees and Payment Terms Disclosure Statement

Unless otherwise stated in a specific promotional offer detail, all Rise Broadband residential Internet service orders are subject to a standard installation fee of $150 and equipment rental fee of $10.99 per month. In addition to any applicable taxes, each order will be assessed a monthly recurring carrier cost recovery fee of $5.44 per month.

All RISE Services are also subject to additional fees, including, but not limited to overage charges, an unreturned Equipment fee, an early termination fee, Directory Assistance (411) calls, insufficient funds fees, late fees, and reconnect fees as set forth below:

Fee Time Period Cost
Data Overage Charges Per Occurrence $3.50 per 10GB increments.
Unreturned Equipment Fee 30 Days After Cancellation $300 or cost of Equipment, whichever is greater.
Early Termination Fee Immediately at Termination Contracts effective before October 1, 2017 are subject to the following early termination fee:
1 Year Contract: $125
2 Year Contract: $250 or the
remaining balance of the
contract, whichever is less.Contracts effective on or after October 1, 2017 shall be charged an early termination fee of $10 for each month remaining under the contract.
Service Plan Upgrade Fee Per Occurrence $150
Directory Assistance (411) Calls Per Call $1.50
ATA Voice Rental Fee Per Month $1.00
Convenience fee
Applies if phone payment is made with a call center representative
Per Use $10.00
Paper Statement fee Per Month $5.00
Insufficient Funds / Returned Check Fee Per Incident Fee will be at or below the maximum amount allowed under applicable state law.
Payment Due Date 15 Days After Invoice Date
Payment Late Date 8 Days After Due Date $20.00 per month delinquent
Service Interruption Date 25 Days After Due Date Reconnect fee, as provided below if service is restored.
Official Disconnect 35 Days After Due Date Reconnect fee, as provided below if service is restored.
Account Balance Submitted to Collections 55 Days After Due Date Reconnect fee, as provided below if service is restored.
Reconnect Fee(s) Upon request after Service Interruption or Official Disconnect $35 plus the first month of service if before equipment retrieval.
$100 plus the first month of service if after equipment was retrieved.
Reconnect Fee(s) Upon request after Submission to Collections $149, account must be current, first month of service and setup of account auto pay.
Maximum Suspension When Moving RISE Service 30 Days No charge for one move per term of

Effective date: 8/1/2019