Business Technical Services

Business Technical Services

With increasing vulnerabilities in business networks due to additional endpoints accessing mission critical data from anywhere with Internet access, the need for a clear IT asset management strategy should be a priority for all business customers.  Rise Broadband offers a turn-key IT help desk solution with our Business Technical Services.

Our Business Technical Services plan provides affordable, 24/7 support and coverage for your computer or laptop + mobile device.   

  • Virus/spyware/malware detection & removal
  • PC tune-up and maintenance
  • HW/SW installation
  • 3rd party peripherals
  • Video conferencing

Our 100% U.S. based support team is available 24/7 via phone, chat, email and remote support utilities.  So whether you’re having trouble with a virus, backing up critical business data or installing hardware or software, Rise Broadband will help keep your business running smoothly.

Business Technical Services Support Subscription

Services Included: BTS Support $9.99/mo.
Number of devices supported: Up to 3 devices
Set up & configuration of internal hardware and software ( video/sound cards, memory, hard drives, CD/DVD reader/writers)
Evaluating and attempting to correct hardware and software issues
Assist with operating systems and network setup
In home labor and replacement parts; $500 limit per year
Computer tune-ups and maintenance (PCs and Macs)
Virus/spyware/malware detection and removal
Exteral hardware and peripherals support for network (printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, external hard drives, etc.)
Assist with home networking equipment (NAS, routers & network printers)
Troubleshooting and support for smart TVs, Blu-Rays, DVD, tablets, video game consoles and mobile devices
Advanced network functionality and configuration such as content sharing and shared drives
Online safety and security support**: Internet security, storage and backup, etc.
Configuration, setup and troubleshooting of 3rd party devices: TVs, Blu-Rays, DVD, tablets, video game consoles and mobile devices, etc.
Mobile Devices (including tablets): setup and trouble-shooting

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*Only includes Windows & Mac OS.

**This service includes support for customer-purchased software and file programs. The programs themselves are not included, and will need to be purchased independently.