What is paperless billing?

By enrolling in paperless billing, you agree to receive your monthly bills at the email address you designate and will not recieve a paper bill via the mail. Its more secure than receiving a paper bill, benefits the environment and helps avoid late fees! In addition, choosing not to recieve a paper bill reduces your bill by $5 per month.

To enroll, login to your account and update your billing preferences in your account profile.

Why did my monthly bill increase?

To meet the increasing demands on our network and to continue to improve the reliability and speed of your Internet experience, we have found it necessary to implement company-wide rate changes. In the event that this occurs, you will be notified via e-mail, prior to the changes taking effect.

Any additional equipment, support or data overage will result in monthly billing increases.

How do I set up or change my AutoPayment method?

You can access your online account to pay your bill by going to the account page located here.

Under Pay My Bill, Click on Access My Account. You will be directed to a login screen where you will enter your username and password.

In your dashboard, select Pay Bill. You can make a one time payment or sign up for AutoPay.

For further help watch our “How to Access and Set-Up your Rise Broadband My Account Portal” video found here.

If you find yourself having difficulties, please contact our Customer Support team at 1-844-816-9149 to speak with a representative.

What happens if I missed a bill payment?

A $20.00 late fee applies if a payment is 30 days delinquent. After 40 days of delinquency, internet service will be disconnected, except for access to your online account in order to pay the bill. A $35 reconnection fee will apply. To ensure account remains in good standing, feel free to use one of free payment options: Automated phone payment, pay online, Autopay, Bill Pay through your bank or by check.

What does the Equipment Rental Fee cover?

The Equipment Rental Fee covers the cost to support, maintain and replace all Rise equipment outside of the home. This includes the Network Radio and the maintenance of the connection between the tower and the customer’s home. Technical Support will troubleshoot, upgrade, and replace any faulty Rise Broadband equipment as needed.

Is there a fee for canceling my service early?

You may terminate your service for any reason effective at the end of a calendar month by providing notice to Rise Broadband at least thirty (30) days prior to the requested termination date.