Cloud PBX

Rise Broadband’s Cloud PBX solution has you covered all the way from the handset to the cloud, using industry-leading Broadworks platform. Every seat incorporates a Hosted VoIP line and the latest Polycom IP phone with advanced calling features.

Features & Benefits:

    • Installation, training and management are included.
    • Cloud PBX has the same feature set as the most advanced office phone systems, without the expense of dedicated switching equipment.
    • Rise Broadband will replace any defective phone at no charge.
    • Unlimited domestic long-distance is included with every line.
    • Cloud PBX effectively supports both mobile and remote workers—enabling all workers to operate as if they were all at a single location.


Packages available with Cloud PBX:


A cost-effective and convenient combination of some of our most popular features. This package is designed for use in a lobby, break room, cafeteria, or shop area that is not assigned to a specific user.


This bundle is designed for professional employees needing more advanced capabilities. It includes more cutting-edge IP phone features and a premium phone.

Cloud PBX Summary

Services Included: Base Package Premium Package
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Three-Way Call
Call Forward Always
Call Forward Busy
Call Forward No Answer
Call Forward Not Reachable
Call Return
Last Number Redial
Call Transfer
Anonymous Call Rejection
Do Not Disturb
Speed Dial 100
Speed Dial 8
Call Forward Selective
Selective Call Acceptance
Selective Call Rejection
Broadworks Anywhere
Music On Hold User
Shared Call Appearance 0-35
Sequential Ring
Simultaneous Ring Personal
Remote Office
Busy Lamp Field

Included: Advanced Polycom Phone, Domestic Long Distance, Voicemail & Hunt Groups in Base & Premium Packages.

To learn more or sign up for Cloud PBX service, contact a Rise Broadband Enterprise Specialist.