Landlord FAQs

Landlord FAQs

Important information for landlords prior to installs:

  • We drill from the inside out of the building to run the Cat5 cable
  • The wall is sealed afterwards
  • Our Install Repair Technicians (IRT) are insured
  • Our IRTs will need access to equipment if needing maintenance
  • For more information on our service, visit



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Why do we require Landlord approval prior to installation?
We require landlord approval prior to installation at all locations where the subscriber is not the owner. This ensures proper permission is provided before scheduling an install.

Who is requested to obtain Landlord approval for Rise Service installation?
Landlord approval is required for any renters, tenants of multiple-dwelling units, small business owners currently leasing, and any other dwelling where the subscriber is not the owner.

What is the installation process for Rise Broadband service?
A representative from the Sales team will setup the order and determine an install date with the customer. This is finalized after the Landlord Approval is documented.  From there you will receive an automated call from our Dispatch team the day of to confirm the install appointment.  A certified Install Repair Technicians will professionally install the service.  The install process includes the following process:

  • Test line of sight and signal
  • Mount the radio and antenna
  • Route Cat5 Ethernet cable from radio through single wall penetration
  • Connect to power outlet
  • Connection of Rise Broadband router or customer owned router

What equipment will be used for the service installation?
The following equipment may be used:

  • No larger than 24” oval dish (LTE may not require a dish install)
  • POE (Power over Ethernet) adapter
  • Mounting brackets
  • Cable run that will be attached to the building either by staples or screw clips
  • All drill points will be sealed to prevent any kind of water/weather damage

Where will the dish be installed?
The Install Repair Technician will determine the best location for the Dish, either on the roof or the side of the house.  The location is based on where the dish receives both the best line of sight to a tower and sufficient signal strength.

Where can I get more information on your Internet and phone service?
Please refer to the following webpage:

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my installation?
We recommend the following to ensure a successful installation:

  • An adult (18+) is at the home or business when we arrive. This adult can be the tenant, landlord, or even a trusted neighbor.
  • That adult will be on hand for the time the install will take (up to 4 hours).

How long does an installation take?
The average installation can take two hours, but can go up to four hours depending on the complexity of the install. The Install Repair Technician will only be inside your residence or place of business for a small portion of this time as the majority of the work occurs outside the dwelling.