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No Barriers Warriors and Rise Broadband Announce the ‘No Barriers Warriors Medicine Bow Range’ Team

Fort Collins, CO, July 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — No Barriers and Rise Broadband have selected the team of veterans with disabilities to participate in the 2018 No Barriers Warriors Medicine Bow Range veteran’s expedition. Rise Broadband is proud to sponsor its fourth annual No Barriers / Rise Broadband Expedition which is scheduled to take […]

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Fixed Wireless to Shine in 2018 Thanks to 5G, Cost Savings – S&P Global

Part of the growth in fixed wireless has to do with its lower costs versus fixed landline or cable. “(Fixed wireless technology is) more economical because you’re not digging up streets, you’re not burying cable or burying fiber,” Rise Broadband co-founder and Chief Development Officer Jeff Kohler said, noting, “The cost to outfit a tower to provide service to 50, 100, 200 households is not very expensive.”

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Fixed wireless is a big deal. Here’s why. Fierce Wireless

Rise Broadband, the nation’s largest fixed wireless provider, uses a number of different proprietary technologies in its network, but is relying on LTE for most of its current and future deployments. “Rise prefers to use LTE in markets of higher population densities because of its ability to efficiently serve more customers from a single tower (providing greater capacity) while delivering speeds up to 100 Mbps,” said Jeff Kohler, Rise’s co-founder and chief development officer.

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Rise Co-Founder Discusses How Shared Spectrum Can Benefit Rural and Suburban Customers – TeleCompetitor

Wireless internet providers such as Rise have had considerable success from both a business and societal point of view. Using fixed wireless technology, broadband has been made available in rural areas lacking other broadband options. WISPs had been anticipating even better fixed wireless economics, potentially creating a business case for even more unserved areas, thanks to new spectrum the FCC had planned to make available. But those plans are in jeopardy now that large mobile carriers have asked the commission to change direction.

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MTI Wireless Edge Supports Rise With High-speed Broadband Equipment Over Past 10 Years

“MTI Wireless Edge’s antennas enable us to provide reliable high-speed Internet and digital phone service at an affordable, competitive price,” said Jeff Kohler, Rise Co-founder and Chief Development Officer. “Over the past ten years, we’ve worked closely with MTI to install its high quality state-of-the-art antennas which significantly enhance our network’s performance and reliability.”

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Rise Broadband Maintains Commitment to Open Networks, Access and Privacy

Rise’s policy of maintaining open internet access for customers and content providers is unchanged in light of the FCC’s new network neutrality rules. The company continues to give subscribers full, unrestricted access to the information, education, commerce and entertainment they count on while protecting their privacy and providing full disclosure of terms of service and network management.

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Fierce Markets Name Rise Telecomm Service Provider of Year – Fierce Wireless

With roughly 200,000 customers, Rise Broadband is the nation’s largest provider of fixed wireless services. As such, the company highlights two critical trends in the telecommunications industry: the growing momentum behind fixed wireless technology, and the role that technology can play in crossing the digital divide.

As it works to build out fixed wireless services in rural areas, Rise Broadband is on the front lines of proving out the fixed wireless business model, and is a great example of how wireless technology can help connect more Americans to the internet.

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WISPA Member Rise Broadband Selected Telecom Service Provider of the Year

Rise Broadband, a member of the Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPA), has been named Telecom Service Provider of the Year by Fierce Telecom and Fierce Wireless in the annual Fierce Innovation Awards. The Fierce Innovation Awards “recognize and reward the best and brightest operators, service providers and vendors for their commitment to next-gen business and consumer offerings.”

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Rise Named National Telecom Service Provider of the Year at Fierce Innovation Awards

Fierce Markets, a leader in B2B e-media in the telecommunications industry, has chosen Rise Broadband for its innovation and acumen in closing the information gap by establishing high-speed fixed wireless internet and digital phone service in rural and suburban areas often under-served by traditional wireline or cable carriers.

Rise’s selection highlights two key trends in the wireless industry: the growing interest around fixed wireless technology and the potential for wireless to cross the digital divide and connect the unconnected.

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