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Fixed Wireless Subscribers Projected to Double in Five Years; Technology is Most Cost-Effective Solution for Under-Served Rural and Suburban Areas

A national study from the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA), of which Rise Broadband is a leading member, says the economics of fixed wireless make it the most cost-effective broadband solution for rural and other under-served areas because networks can be built and upgraded faster and at a fraction of the cost of networks based on DSL, fiber, or cable.

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Rise Broadband Adds Telarus as National Enterprise Alliance Partner

Telarus, a Utah-based technology services company with more than 100 data, voice, and cloud providers, now distributes Rise Broadband’s voice and data services throughout its nationwide partner base. “Our partners are always looking for reliable service providers to enable internet, voice and data services in markets which are not well served,” said Telarus CEO Adam Edwards.

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Editor’s Corner—The economics of fixed wireless, from LTE to 5G, and what it means – Fierce Wireless

Fixed wireless services have been around for years. As wireless technologies have improved (think 2G to 4G), so have the speeds. Rise Broadband offers an even clearer look at the economics of LTE-powered fixed wireless services. Specifically, the company’s co-founder and chief development officer, Jeff Kohler, said recently that fixed deployments typically cost a fifth to a tenth what it would cost to build a comparable wired service.

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