How long does fiber installation take?

Most fiber installations take 2-4 hours. This includes; burying the cable, running the cable to the inside of your location, and setting up your in home connection.

A Rise Broadband representative will contact you within a few weeks of submitting your order. An adult 18 years or older must be present during the installation.

What kind of equipment do I need?

All you need is a dual band or higher gigabit capable router. Or if you don’t have one, we offer a Deco Managed Wi-Fi router for an additional cost.

Will there be ACP discounts for fiber?

Yes. The ACP program has a two unique discounts; a $30 discount for most qualifying customers and a $75 for qualifying Native American customers. These discounts are not restricted to specific offers like the old EBB program; they can be applied to any broadband service plan.

Can I use my existing equipment?

If you currently have Rise wireless service, we will remove the wireless equipment from your property after your fiber install is complete. With your fiber connection you can keep your premium Deco Wi-Fi/Mesh network in place. If you have equipment other than the Deco, it will need to be replaced to ensure proper connection to fiber.

What steps should I take if my service is slow?

The first step is to ensure you are connected to a 5G network. If the issues persist, try rebooting your router. In addition, testing more than one device in your hold can identify if it’s an issue with your Rise service or an issue with the connection(s) in your home.