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So grateful to have a place I can go to get help! And every time I need something and call, I get EXCELLENT help. Thanks!

- Kathy Trostel

Jul 27, 2020

Dora was so much help to me tonight. She has resolved all my problems and taught me how to better use my computer. She was greatly appreciated in my time of need. Thank you, Dora!

- Jo Ellen Anderson

Jul 17, 2020

So glad to have your program to help me with my computer. Matt was so patient and has a very comfortable voice to listen to.

- Trudy Kregier

Jul 15, 2020

Excellent service. For the money, it’s an amazing value. William took care of my issues quickly and smoothly. I will recommend this to others.

- Fred Morton

Jul 14, 2020

Amanda was very helpful and pleasant. She solved my email issues with Outlook in a very professional and friendly manner.

- Darla Getty

Jul 03, 2020

Rise Support Service Plan

Our Rise Support Care Service Plan provides affordable, 24/7 support and coverage for up to 5 connected devices including your computer or laptop. For only $9.99 a month, Rise Broadband will:

  • Computer health check and tune-up; increases startup speed and disc space
  • Help with Installing or upgrading Software including Windows or Mac OS*, Drivers, Office, Adobe, etc.**
  • Identify and fix hardware/software errors
  • Identify and assist with networking issues
  • Configuring and troubleshooting networked peripherals (printers, monitors, etc.)
  • Connecting a wireless router
  • Adding IoT devices to an in-home network (security cameras, thermostats, appliances, etc.)
  • Support for video streaming devices (Smart TV’s, Roku, Apple TV’s)
  • Trouble shooting streaming devices and services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime
  • Provide access to Rise Support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Includes up to 5 devices – Computers, Tablets, Streaming Devices, etc)

Rise Support

Services Included: Rise Support $9.99/mo
Number of devices supported: Includes coverage for up to 5 devices***
24/7/365 Support
24/7 Computer Health Check & Tune Up
Unlimited Support for 5 Devices
Streaming Support (Netflix, Prime, etc)
IoT Support****
Home Network Support

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Need Technical Support for your Rise Support Service? Call 888-524-9850.

*Only includes Windows & Mac OS.
**This service includes support for customer-purchased software and file programs. The programs themselves are not included, and will need to be purchased independently.
***5 devices can include any combination of wifi connected technology (computers, tablets and ‘Smart Things’)
****Internet of Things (IoT) such as wifi internet connected appliances, thermostats, security cameras, video and audio streaming devices, Smart TVs, etc.