Rise provides a great service and got in and out in a timely manner.

- Shane King    Google | Sep 29, 2023

Installations was quick and the tech was very nice and knowledgable!

- Debbie Kaesbauer    Google | Sep 27, 2023

Installer tech.was very good and did not leave til all my question were answered.Extremly helpful with all my devices and my service works GREAT!!!THANK YOU!

- Cindy Oldenburg    Google | Sep 26, 2023

The technician was on time friendly wise and helpful very nice manners i love Rise Broband

- Cynthia Blanchard    Google | Sep 26, 2023

Awesome experience tech was from out of territory and still had a a+ attitude with lots of info

- Troy Obrien    Our Website | Sep 26, 2023

AMAZING! affordable, great customer service, great connection, came timely and very polite to install. I live in my RV and this is the best for me and my kiddos.

- Natasha Humbert    Google | Sep 21, 2023

Installation was quick and painless. The technician was extremely friendly and courteous as well as good at his job. The internet service has been much faster and strong than I was expecting, So far, so good. Glad I made the choice to go with Rise Broadband,

- Morris Johnson    Google | Sep 20, 2023

Great installation Tech was extremely helpful

- William Duffy    Our Website | Sep 20, 2023

Great experience getting new internet service. Technician was excellent. Internet is fast.

- Butch Parks    Google | Sep 19, 2023

Quick and very professional

- Amelia Hilburn    Our Website | Sep 19, 2023

The man you sent was wonderful. He moved quickly and explained everything "twice" lol to me which meant a lot!!!

- Barb Briggs    Our Website | Sep 18, 2023

Had 4 days of trouble with optimum. (Mon-Thur). Called RBB and set up an apt for Friday 9-15-2023. The customer service lady was super informative, nice & overall helpful getting my account setup. & even after a heavy thunderstorm night. Risebroadband came out and had me set up in 2.5hrs. Used them for 2 days before reviewing. I must say. 5STARS!! THEY ARE AMAZING.

- Antonio Rios    Google | Sep 16, 2023

Your technician went above and beyond.

- Antonia Sargent    Our Website | Sep 14, 2023

Have service for a week now. So far it has been great. Internet is fast. The Tech was very Professional and Nice. Very please with the service. GM

- Georgette M    BBB | Sep 14, 2023

The customer service is excellent. They actually answer the phones, are polite and helpful. And if they can't help you they we transfer you to someone who. The service tech arrived on time, check with me before installing the antenna, was very respectful and answered all my questions. The best part, I no longer have that spiral of death on my TV or laptop.

- Cass Barberena    Google | Sep 12, 2023

Very efficient!

- Laurie Jean    Google | Sep 10, 2023

My tech rocked it. Mike went above and beyond to be sure all was set up.

- Molly Nottingham    Google | Sep 09, 2023

VERY SATISFIED! I'm a returning customer, disconnected for 18 months for a major home remodeling. Was a previous customer for over a year and was very satisfied with the experience. Also had service set up for my parents who live a football field length away. From our houses we can see the transmitting tower so never had a problem. In the past, if the internet went down for some reason, we knew to give them 30 or so minutes and it would be back up and running, and that didn't happen very often. Also the "install" team was very professional and top notch.

- Jeff G    BBB | Sep 07, 2023

Great staff easy-going and perfect installation

- Pete Saldana    Google | Sep 07, 2023

Service was great. Seems to be working fine so far.

- Hal Labyer    Google | Sep 05, 2023

We switched from our old internet provider due to having several connectivity issues. Our old provider was not very helpful. Since switching to Rise Broadband we have had fast uninterrupted internet service! So glad we switched.

- Correen Michaels    Google | Sep 05, 2023

You were on time..good job and courteous technician.

- Charlie Melenyzer    Our Website | Aug 31, 2023

In time & very courteous. Got it up & running in an 1 1/2 hours. Very efficient

- Samantha Blankenship    Google | Aug 30, 2023

Excellent and friendly service!

- Jackie Benson    Google | Aug 29, 2023

Great job!

- Donna Pruett    Google | Aug 26, 2023

Great customer service!

- Jimmy Spears    Our Website | Aug 26, 2023

The emloyee's were on time and cordial. They completed the work efficiently and service was great.

- Anna D    BBB | Aug 26, 2023

Installation was quick and easy! The service tech was very professional and knowledgeable! The service has been outstanding so far! Usually the speeds exceed the promised speed. There are times between 8 and 9 in the evening where the speed downgrades, but then it goes right back to normal. I imagine that downgrade is due to heavy evening usage. Im happy with Rise!!

- Eric K    BBB | Aug 24, 2023

Perfect from start to finish

- Jon Mathers    Our Website | Aug 24, 2023

Excellent installation. Installer was knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks.

- Scott Tidwell    Google | Aug 22, 2023

Absolutely amazing job ! The technician was amazing, fast, and got me better service then I ever had! Thank you so much for sending out a true professional!

- Dave Patterson    Google | Aug 21, 2023

Servicio rápido y de calidad.

- Eniel Suarez Fernandez    Google | Aug 19, 2023

Love my service

- T Millz    Google | Aug 18, 2023

Very professional and had it installed very quickly! Very friendly and respectful!

- BRENDA KING    Our Website | Aug 14, 2023

Tech arrived on time, Carlos was very professional and courteous, and had the problem repaired promptly.

- Scott F    Google | Aug 11, 2023

The easiest install I have ever experienced. 15 minutes and finished. Up to 50 Mbps guarantee and we hit 79.

- Dave Brown    Google | Aug 10, 2023

Installer was very nice and helpful. Called to make payment and change plan very helpful

- Ronnie Harp    Google | Aug 09, 2023

Great bandwidth, tech was on time and did great work!

- Jeff Davidson    Google | Aug 09, 2023

Great customer service, installation, and fast speed. Rise Broadband I highly recommend I switched to another service only because of family preference and a lower monthly bill for internet service in my small cottage

- Kathleen Boone    Google | Aug 08, 2023

Luc Wittrock and Tim Price did an out standing job.

- Mike Wittrock    Google | Aug 06, 2023

The entire process was fast easy and affordable **** the installation guy was professional and informative, never had anything go so easy and care free.im now sending aca (affordable care act)Paperwork to get my discount. Thank you rise broadband!!!!

- Troy M    BBB | Aug 05, 2023