Awesome service so far I'm liking what I have I recommend it to everyone very affordable

- Danny Cooper    Google | Sep 24, 2021

William was amazing. He was very knowledgeable and really helped us get connected.

- Rachel Swick    Google | Sep 23, 2021

My experience from the beginning to the end was GREAT! My first contact with Katrina O to the installation. I don't remember his name, but he was a 5 star installer! I am enjoying my Rise Broadband, it allows me to work from home and not worry about my speed and connection!

- Edie W    Google | Sep 23, 2021

Technician who installed the service was very professional. He checked every spot from the roof to find the best signal to provide stable service.

- Jason Fisher    Google | Sep 20, 2021

Great installer, Rich he was so efficient, easy to understand. Rich was patient and let me talk lol, so love my internet

- Joanie Salib    Google | Sep 19, 2021

They were all amazingly helpful from my initial call inquiring about service to the guys that installed it! I work from home so I needed service before I could move in and he got someone out there the next morning! I moved to a rural, heavily treed area about an hour away from my previous home but my technician was able to find an unconventional spot that received signal and made it work! He also was from the area and told me the closest grocery stores, best places to get gas and some hidden gems that would’ve taken me a while to find on my own! I haven’t had any service issues so far so I highly recommend these guys!

- Katie Pennington    Google | Sep 17, 2021

All around excellent service so far, I'm only giving 4 stars because I've had the service for 24 hours, but so far it's working awesome. Rise was the only service provider in my area that actually wanted to supply me with internet and it's worth it. I also was recommended it by people around me that haven't had any issues with it either.

- Dustin Griffith    Google | Sep 17, 2021

fast friendly service love it compared to the other options i have in my area

- Mike Bennefield    Google | Sep 16, 2021

Install experience was great! Technician offered several location choices and worked with me to select the right one even thought that was not the easiest.

- Michael Snyder    Google | Sep 16, 2021

Rise Broadband is the excellent and cheaper network that quenches the concerns of the population.

- Guy Kabunda    Google | Sep 15, 2021

Technician was very good the 2nd time. The first technician did not seem willing to accomodate our needs regarding placement of dish. As a result of him not hooking up our new service another technician came out the following day and placed the dish exactly where we wanted it the first time. Bonus . . . he was not afraid of heights!

- Jeanie Styer    Google | Sep 15, 2021

Upgraded from ViaSat to Rise. ViaSat offered 30 MBps and Rise said 25MBps. But with Rise our overall speed is up from an average of 3 MBps to 18 MBps. We do occasionally have trouble connecting with one device (more or less at random) but after 2-3 minutes of restarting the devices, we get on at speeds that are easily 5-6x higher than ViaSat. Would be 5 stars if it wasn't for the occasional inability to connect with a random device.

- 7 Ninjas Studios    Google | Sep 15, 2021

My Rise equipment was installed yesterday. My husband and I had a great installation experience with Roger. Our network is really fast and hopefully very reliable for a long time to come. I had never heard of Rise before. I'm glad someone recommended them for internet service.

- Jacqulyne    Google | Sep 15, 2021

So far so good. Installation was smooth. Service has been great so far. Adkins, TX.

- Leslie Bettice    Google | Sep 14, 2021

So far so good!

- Denina McGee-Bunch    Google | Sep 14, 2021

The techs who came to my home, and the customer care rep on the phone were extremely helpful

- Barbara Newman    Google | Sep 13, 2021

Amazing service and support. My install was awesome!!

- Mike5293    Google | Sep 12, 2021

This is the second house I have had rise at where I was told I couldn’t have WiFi. It’s affordable, reliable, and allows me and my kids to do everything without lag.

- Ashley Langston    Google | Sep 11, 2021

The service man who installed my… The service man who installed my internet was polite and knowledgeable. I have only used it for a day, but seems good, a whole lot better than what I had so thanks.

- Ellen Paist    Trustpilot | Sep 11, 2021

Great service especially from where I live in Oklahoma, and the Technician was a pretty nice guy.

- ElRey935    Google | Sep 09, 2021

Excellent information provided by this firm helped me to decide to switch to their service Installation was simple and professionally done I am extremely happy with their service

- Jerry Donovan    Google | Sep 08, 2021

We just connected with your broadband… We just connected with your broadband service. The installer was very professional, even removed Sat dish from former service while installing new service. Only been using service for one full day but all seems well. Internet speeds definitely faster than former service. We will see how it holds up under West Texas weather.

- William Lawson    Trustpilot | Sep 08, 2021

They arrived on time and set every thing up quickly. So far I am very happy with the service!

- Judy Tevebaugh    Google | Sep 06, 2021

Easy to schedule, install went great, and the internet is so fast! Love that this is a U.S. company, the person I spoke to was from the great state of colorado!

- Leslie Demma    Google | Sep 04, 2021

Installation went smoothly and the technician was very efficient. The speed and reliability have already surpassed my previous land based carrier and we are extremely pleased!!!!

- Maureen Ward    Google | Sep 04, 2021

We switched from Hughes net! We live out in the country where we can’t get any internet providers to come out here other than Hughes net! Finally ran into a guy from rose broadband who wouldn’t give up on finding us a signal! Got us hooked up, and so far love it! Much better signal than Hughes net!

- Tiffany Guevara    Google | Sep 03, 2021

Installed on time the tech was extremely helpful and knowledgeable price is great for service and internet is FAST. Would recommend to anyone looking!

- cameron furlong    Google | Sep 02, 2021

Technician very knowledgeable went out… Technician very knowledgeable went out of his way to show an explain everything an I was impressed when the signal came up on my Tv as Excellent an he explained the tower was in ponder .. I’m sold Rise broadband is the only way To go if you live in the suburbs.. at last I have good service!!!

- Deanna Johnson    Trustpilot | Sep 02, 2021

Great service install experience. Friendly customer and helpful customer service. We do not stream a lot but so far we have had the service since Monday and it is working well!

- Baileigh Beasley    Google | Sep 02, 2021

I was really impressed with the professionalism and excellent knowledge of the technician that came to my home to install my broadband system from Rise Broadband. He not only did the install great but also assisted in removing old equipment I had in place.He was very courteous and polite and also helped me with understanding this new system as I had numerous questions and he took all the time necessary to talk me through everything I had to know, even helping me with the billing!

- phillip baker    Google | Sep 01, 2021

Works great here, much better than the service I had before. The guy who came to install was very respectful and kind.

- Diana V    Google | Aug 29, 2021

Nice tech Nice tech. Quick and successful hooking me up.

- Todd    Trustpilot | Aug 29, 2021

Great customer service so far! Installation Rep was nice a very knowledgeable. 4 Stars only because internet connection has been decent only had one drop of connection after setup.

- alvin farmer    Google | Aug 28, 2021

The man who came to install my service was friendly, listened well, and understood how we needed the service set up where I live back among the rocky ridges. He was prompt, did great work, and explained everything patiently. I love the speed and reliable service already. So far ahead of Hughes Net, my previous provider.

- Bobbie Wart    Google | Aug 27, 2021

Would be great if I were able to get closer to the contracted 25meg (instead of 15-17) during hi use times. I look forward to your efforts to offload the tower I am on currently to free up some bandwidth. Installation and service turn-up was on time, professional, and was a good experience..

- Cliff Mainor    Google | Aug 26, 2021

The installer was courteous, friendly, and informative. Had it done in no time. Five stars!

- Nancy Griego    Google | Aug 25, 2021