Our technician, Tom, was professional and friendly. He explored other options when potential problems came up, and he gave us very detailed instructions for managing the service. Internet is fast and reliable so far! Would highly recommend.

- Brendan Malloy    Google | Aug 11, 2022

We had a great experience with Rise for our installation. They were communicative, punctual and friendly. So far we have had great internet service, too!

- moniquem892mm    Google | Aug 10, 2022

Great customer service, above and beyond. Would recommend to anyone. Internet works great.

- Letitia Hickerson    Google | Aug 08, 2022

Just signed up with Rise last week and our Sales rep/installer Joe Johnson was awesome!! Not only did he go out of his way to come get our service started and installed asap (he was at our house within an hour of me calling him about setting up new service!), but he was super quick, knowledgeable and extremely helpful with any and all questions we had etc.! Service since we got it installed last week, has been great so far!

- Danielle Fenske    Google | Aug 07, 2022

Experience was excellent. Installer was very knowledgeable, courteous and efficient.

- Elizabeth Atkinson    Google | Aug 07, 2022

I just got it yesterday. So far it great...will report back in a month.

- David Cannon    Google | Aug 07, 2022

Installation was quick and well done. . .The service is as advertized and very stable.

- William Wilkes    Google | Aug 06, 2022

Did a great job. We have several houses with Rise service and have noticed an improvement since the technical upgrades

- Lisa Sandoval    Google | Aug 06, 2022

On time, very professional, most helpful

- Allan McConnell    Google | Aug 06, 2022

The fastest internet in Park County that I've ever had. Very affordable and easy installation made this an great choice.

- Alann Peterson    Google | Aug 05, 2022

Seth was very professional and thorough So far it is working just fine

- Cassie Lawless    Google | Aug 04, 2022

This was a painless process. The tech was very, very, good and was in and out in no time. He explained everything to us. We look forward to our future with Rise.

- Chris Nicoloff    Google | Aug 03, 2022

It works great for us. Fast and Easy

- Eric Porch    Google | Aug 03, 2022

When I called to sign up for service the lady I talked to was very nice. However, she then transferred me to all tell.. I couldn't understand that lady and she was was being very pushy. She finally put me on hold, I waited like 20 mins then I just hung up. I was however very impressed with in installer. He called to tell me he was running late. When he got here, He was very patient with me in deciding where to put the equipment. I really liked him.If it weren't for the all tell experience I would give them a 5 star review.

- Beverly O    BBB | Aug 03, 2022

I have ACP and Rise keeps saying it is expired when it's not, and have to reapply every month. It is getting very annoying. *Rise contacted me and made everything right. Good customer service.

- Kerri Dickens    Google | Aug 02, 2022

Technician was very timely. It took him no time to make installation. He explained what I needed to know. Service was fantastic. I am very pleased with Rise.

- Leslie Rowen    Google | Aug 01, 2022

The install was smooth and quick. The installer was very nice.

- Kristi Shelton    Google | Aug 01, 2022

Technician was very pleasant, installation was quick and professional. I completely understood how to use the system before he left.

- Felicity Smedra    Google | Jul 31, 2022

Have THE best tech that arrived as scheduled and got everything connected quickly. Very personable and great to deal with. Thanks ********!

- Jeff L.    BBB | Jul 31, 2022

Everyone I have spoken to at Rise have been courteous and helpful. Our installer was fast, efficient and so nice. Having come from a part of the country where service people have a whatever attitude, I find this experience refreshing.

- Linda G    BBB | Jul 31, 2022

*** was amazing.came installed and showed us how to get to everything and helped set it all up.Bless his heart he even came back on Sunday to help us with the volume on our tv ..It was an error on our part but an awesome guy to help us like that...ans so much better than ***** net so Thank you nuch

- MIchelle P    BBB | Jul 31, 2022

Tech was Awesome and had the internet up and running in no time. We will see how it works moving forward but so far so good.

- Jesse Martin    Google | Jul 29, 2022

Installer was very helpful. So far our experience with Rise has been exceptional.

- Kate Maguire    Google | Jul 29, 2022

Great service, installation and Cody my tech was great!

- Frank Gazella Jr.    Google | Jul 29, 2022

They showed up when they said, called ahead to remind. In less than 45 min they had system up and running. Speeds were as they promised (25mbs) compared to our old of less than 10. Very nice fellow to work with. Glad we gave it a try.

- Robert Wallace    Google | Jul 27, 2022

Friendly service

- Lourdes Orrantia    Google | Jul 27, 2022

I have been very pleased with the customer service and follow-through from the Rise Broadband team throughout the process. I would recommend to a friend. Dan L.

- Dan LeMons    Google | Jul 27, 2022

We are very satisfied with the service we received. When we signed up customer service was most helpful and understanding. The installer was quick, on time and very friendly and helpful. The reception is great for what we want. What more can I say? Great experience. I recommend this company highly for customer service.

- Bob Graham    Google | Jul 27, 2022

Installation was smooth, and the technician was very knowledgeable and helpful. He worked together with our security camera provider who was also onsite, and then made sure that we were satisfied with everything before he left. Our download speed is 10x faster than we were getting from our previous provider, and for only about $10 more per month! We are totally satisfied. If you are thinking of changing broadband services, see if **** services your area.

- John G    BBB | Jul 27, 2022

Patrick came early and set up my system quickly. Answered all my questions. System works great!

- Janet Risser    Google | Jul 26, 2022

Installer was great. So far internet is working.

- carol crawford    Google | Jul 26, 2022

Easy Install system seems to be working good.

- Dennis Brewster    Google | Jul 26, 2022

The installation tech was knowledgeable and friendly. Our son had the service and when I complained about our previous service, he recommended I try Rise. I'm happy I did.

- Darla Stephens    Google | Jul 25, 2022

The guy that installed the equipment for us was awesome. He was more than helpful and nice.

- Brett Cruff    Google | Jul 24, 2022

Great experience from sign up to installation very professional and internet works great also.

- Mike Pilley    BBB | Jul 23, 2022

The technician showed up as scheduled and was very prompt and had our system up and running in a very short period of time. Upload and down load times are great and certainly are better than Hughesnet which is terrible and we were locked into a two year contract which we have to pay a penalty to get out of. I highly recommend Rise Broadband.

- Ronald Lyman    Google | Jul 21, 2022

Was amazing customer service he explained how it work and how it's was going to spend around the house with the router he did an awesome job

- Eli Galvan    Google | Jul 21, 2022

Just outside Dewar, Iowa. Just got hooked up, but talk about fast internet. Went from 2.84 MBS at 110.00 a month, to 42 MBS at 65.00 a month. Love it already.

- Harley Rider    Google | Jul 19, 2022

I was using satellite service and it was a disaster so i switched to a local broadband provider. I live in a rural area so internet options are limited. Rise has a quality service with high data caps/unlimited at a very reasonable cost. And their customer service and service crew is top notch. Live in a rural area? Get Rise

- jeff molitor    BestCompany | Jul 19, 2022

The technician was friendly, efficient and finished the installation rather quickly. The service works well. I would recommend Rise broadband.

- mike medina    Google | Jul 18, 2022

The customer service department with Rise goes above and beyond! Communication in the beginning of setting up my services was a bit of a struggle however I got ahold of the customer service department and they made everything right. My service was installed the day after speaking with them though I was originally scheduled for a week out. I’ve felt like a VIP customer ever since. I’ll also say that the quality of internet is fantastic! My area always had a difficult time retaining connection but Rise hasn’t given me a single interruption. I’m very happy I gave them a second chance!

- Miranda Gadbury    Google | Jul 18, 2022

Our salesman, Joe, not only set up our account but actually did a same-day install himself, which was no easy task in the summer in Texas. He came highly recommended by a neighbor and now we know why - excellent customer service, great price with no contract, and fast internet!

- Robin Graham    Google | Jul 17, 2022