about 2 years of serious problems, Rise has fully resolved the problems (times of less than 1mbps, frequent outages). I wonder if this 5-star review will jinx me unravel everything. both down & up speeds are now consistently at advertised values, and sometimes above (after hours). It's a whole new experience.

- P Anderson    Google | Mar 21, 2023

about 2 years of serious problems, Rise has fully resolved the problems (times of less than 1mbps, frequent outages). I wonder if this 5-star review will jinx me unravel everything. both down & up speeds are now consistently at advertised values, and sometimes above (after hours). It's a whole new experience.

- P Anderson    Google | Mar 21, 2023

We have only had our service a few days, but it has worked great for us. The resolution department is top notch with the customer service department! My issues were resolved and they are very kind and understanding.

- William Guffey    Google | Mar 21, 2023

Service was fast, efficient and friendly.

- Larry Borton    Google | Mar 21, 2023

Rise is very fast and stable. They schedule service in a few days and there's no wait if I need a technician at my house. There are ways to save money and they help make sure you get the savings. Overall price is affordable as you can find.

- James Montgomery    Google | Mar 21, 2023

Great customer service, and on time fast setup. Service is working great for us so far.

- John Greer    Google | Mar 20, 2023

So far so good!

- Larry Clark    Google | Mar 20, 2023

Installation was quick and painless. Internet speed is sufficient to live stream tv on multiple 4k tvs, while face timing and working on multiple computers.

- Roy Smith    Google | Mar 20, 2023

Great service to work with very professional, easy simple installation.

- Britny A    BBB | Mar 19, 2023

Great customer service and quick and hassle free install.

- Joe Curtis    Google | Mar 18, 2023

The technician was on time, knowledgeable, and prepared. Installation was less than an hour.

- Harold M    BBB | Mar 17, 2023

UPDATE: 3/16/23 -service is still amazing! This is by far the best internet service I have had here in Bryan Texas! (FIRST REVIEW) The service has been GREAT since we installed and became apart of the Rise Broadband Family! The technicians that came out were very friendly and when I had trouble with the deco, the phone technician was so patient and kind and helped us solve our minor issue with no problems. Great service! We are happy and look forward to using you guys! Thank you!

- Lillie Johnson (Sis. Lillie)    Google | Mar 16, 2023

Rise has come a long way forward in the last two years. Used to be I had to wait 15 minutes to speak to a rep, now wait times are under a minute and the reps are super kind. We live in rural Oklahoma and this is by far the best internet service available out here.

- Vincent Tennyson    Google | Mar 16, 2023

The technicians were knowledgeable, honest and helpful

- Donna LaVerde    Google | Mar 16, 2023

great work!!!

- Jason Wilson    Google | Mar 15, 2023

The installation was great, the installer a manager (forgot his name, my end sorry) did a great job and was very helpful with the questions I had.

- Erika Martinez    Google | Mar 13, 2023

Great service, the gentleman who installed the wifi was extremely nice, respectful and took the time to help us use the internet properly.

- Courtney Brooks    Google | Mar 08, 2023

Excellent installer. He was the best and we now have great reception!

- Julie Richardson    Google | Mar 06, 2023

Installer Leo was very friendly, intelligent, and informative. Just had service installed less than 1 week but, so far so good. Have not had any issues watching my smart tv or getting on my computer. After 2 years of service, I have had no problems. Best internet service I have ever had. It is also very affordable.

- DeAnna Hernandez    Google | Mar 06, 2023

Installer was on time and did a great job. Thanks, after tech support recommend it to me, I recommend every user download the TP Link Deco app to manage your Rise connection and to utilize the tech support features for your modem.

- Steve Groves    Google | Feb 28, 2023

Very helpful I am loving my Rise experience

- Kathleen McLaughlin    Google | Feb 28, 2023

Great service, great installer.

- Terry Allen    Google | Feb 25, 2023

I would like to compliment your company on your excellent customer service. I kept losing my internet connection and contacted you to ask what my issue might be. Your technicians tried to correct my problem remotely without any luck. The next day your office called and sent a technician to my home the very next afternoon. Your technician was very prompt, efficient, and professional. He found and corrected my issue within a few minutes. Thank you so much for your efficiency!

- Mary Postlewait    Google | Feb 23, 2023

I live in a remote area , and I was looking for good customer service and high speed Internet. We tried Hughs Net, but it was absolutely horrendous. After calling Rise, we had good customer service and the representatives were actually from the U.S. The technicians were very helpful and did a quick job. Internet works great and I couldn’t be more pleased. The only draw back was that one time we called, and the woman was rude. But everyone else was very polite and helpful. EDIT: Since 2021, the Internet is extremely slow. I can stream movies good but forget about gaming. I pay for 50 MBPS and I usually get about 10 MBPS max.

- Robert Trevino    Google | Feb 01, 2023

Only WiFi company that was able to get us WiFi with a reasonable price and it works! We were not thinking it would work to well cause it was only one of three companies that could provide WiFi, but we are able to stream just fine even playing games online. They were also able set up quickly and the techs were very nice guys. Brazos valley WiFi wanted 1500 just to set up and a higher monthly payment and Hughes net had capped amount per month.

- Haley Greer    Google | Jan 29, 2023

Update from 6 hears Ago. Service has greatly improved wth improved infrastructure and the addition of competent CS. Use this company as a last resort. They keep raising prices, but don't deliver the speeds they advertise. Paying for 5 M but get 1-2 M in peak periods. Customer service reps are clueless and useless. Only provide excuses, and do not fix problems. I would rate them a zerostarsn if possible.

- Ed Blecha    Google | Jan 24, 2023

Service is great, and the installer was helpful.

- Preston Moore    Google | Jan 05, 2023

Great service

- LARRY AYERS    Google | Dec 28, 2022


- HARLEY2001US    BestCompany | Dec 27, 2022

I love it the customer service was amazing and answered all the questions

- Randi S    BBB | Dec 26, 2022

Service was excellent and quick. Technician was very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

- Michael S    BBB | Dec 24, 2022

Installer was very helpful answering all of my questions, and completed the work professionally and quickly. Then I logged on and can't believe how fast EVERYTHING is!!! The main reason why I switched internet providers, was because of the cost. I haven't received a bill from Rise Broadband yet, but the prices quoted appears to be about 1/3 of my last providers current monthly bill. This is my second account with Rise Broadband, and have been very happy with my service on this account as well.

- Tom B    BBB | Dec 22, 2022

Courtesy was paramount from the techs to the people taking calls. Easiest and quickest internet install I ever had. I give Rise Broadband SIX stars !

- Brian Seier    Google | Dec 21, 2022

Have only had a few days but so far, so good. I had intermittent connectivity issues, called support and they were very helpful. We'll see if it continues but for now, it's as expected.

- C L Mirras    Google | Dec 19, 2022

Exceptional customer service!! Tech gave me several options for our install. Everything works great! Great prices with great speeds!!

- Jonathan Rathke    Google | Dec 17, 2022

The technician was very timely and worked to get us set up properly before he left.

- Gayle Margraf    Google | Dec 16, 2022

Installer was very polite and was a pleasure to talk who.

- Sherry Reeder    Google | Dec 16, 2022

Overall experience has been great! Ordered the service online and was installed the next day. Nice reminder calls the day before, the day of and when technician was in route. Technician was amazing, very friendly, knowledgeable and professional!! Installation went smoothly!

- Angie Friesen    Google | Dec 16, 2022

On time. Followed up. Courteous.

- William Green    Google | Dec 14, 2022

The technician that installed the Wi-Fi services at my ranch in Needville Texas was excellent. He was nothing but professional, and knew exactly what he was doing. He work with me on routing of the wire, so not to mess up my brand new house. He found the junction boxes and everything which are things I really didn’t even know where they were. I would definitely recommend this company.

- Aaron Ellisor    Google | Dec 14, 2022

Overall easiest and most transparent service I’ve ever felt with. The installation guy was outstanding I couldn’t have asked for better quality service. Dude was polite, on time, thorough, and respectful. My service is what i expect. I will say I’ve never hit that 50mg speed but I’ve also rarely had any issues. Price is fair. I went from paying 149 a month for being able to download fortnite in about 10 mins to being able to download it in around 2 hours. Can I play games without lag? Yes…… it’s good enough to hang but lag will kick around a bit once in a while. I’d give the internet 7/10, I give the installer and business 10/10

- Ryan    Google | Dec 13, 2022

Good morning, I needed to get a refund and cancel for technical issues and Shallon from Retentions Department was very helpful . She was friendly and perfeshenal. She made my experience painless and she didn't make me feel like I was inconvenienceing her. You could tell she was ther to help me. Shallon was amazing and I really appreciate d her. Thank you Rise Broadband for having such a great person working for you and Thank You Shallon.

- Zina Wright    Google | Dec 13, 2022

Installation was quick. Set-up was easy. I was using internet service within 2 hours from start to finish.

- Allan L McClelland    Google | Dec 09, 2022

Tech was very helpful but was unable to program my universal remote correctly. I like to watch a lot of utube, the but I still can't get it on my TV. Hopefully my husband can program the remote when he gets home from a trip.

- Kathy W    BBB | Dec 09, 2022

Installation went well. It took a couple of hours due to mounting the outside dish on a brick house. The speed is great and I can run multiple streams without and bandwidth issues.

- Larry Stayner    Google | Dec 08, 2022