Their technician stopped by and advised of available service. Made appointment for next day, installation was quick, easy and fast speeds for rural area. Thanks! Great service for rural areas especially where nothing else is available.

- Evette Berel    BestCompany | Jun 08, 2023

Their technician stopped by our house & informed us of the available service. The installation was quick, simple & easy. Thank you! Great service for rural areas

- Evette Berel    Google | Jun 08, 2023

After a few hiccups in getting installation. customer service did not give up on us. We are in the country Caldwell Texas. And finally got our internet and Wi-Fi connection. With a affordable price per month and to the installers you were great your installation went smoothly and you respected our property and time. Y'all were the best and now we are enjoying the service thanks so much to everyone involved

- Scarlet Mccarther    Google | Jun 07, 2023

Great service!

- David Smith    Google | Jun 06, 2023

Installer did quality work. Works fine.

- R. Dann    Google | Jun 02, 2023

Very pleased with the work or technician did, he was very informative about our setup and answered all our questions

- Bea Schaffer    Google | Jun 02, 2023

The service technician was very professional and had us up and running in no time. He was courteous and communicated with us regarding his arrival and expectations.

- Mark Miesen    Google | May 26, 2023

Transitioning from old service to new was expedient, efficient and for the most part technologically painless!

- Brian B    BBB | May 26, 2023

Has been great in all areas. 10 stars for the tech that hook it up.

- Tammy S    BBB | May 25, 2023

Perfect. Great techs. Great CSRs. Installation was neat, clean, effective & fast. We are rural. Tried every provider out here. Broadband is the best.

- Patrick H    BBB | May 23, 2023

Rise goes above and beyond to accommodate their customers! Would definitely recommend!

- Kristan Lucas    Google | May 22, 2023

The staff was professional and on time.

- Michele Derrick    Google | May 22, 2023

Install was great. ***** and ***** are courteous, professional and knowledgeable.

- Marilyn D    BBB | May 19, 2023

Great knowledgeable, installer, and service Beats *** for less cost.

- Bill F    BBB | May 18, 2023

Good prices, reasonable response to installation dates and professional installers.

- T Thomason    Google | May 17, 2023

We had a great experience in May 2023 with our installer, Derek. We live in North Lafayette in the farmlands and are not served by any of the major internet providers. We have one neighbor's house sharing our driveway and he told us over 3 years ago that he had Rise Broadband and it was great, but they had to go up on his roof to install it, to get a "line of sight" to their tower. At that time (March 2020) our Rise installer didn't even come as far as our house, just sat in his truck way down our driveway and told us there was no line of sight. And then Rise said we couldn't get their service and no, they wouldn't send anyone to go up and check from the roof. But recently we got another card in the mail from Rise and when I called, they said since it had been 3 years they would send another installer. And Derek was amazing. He went up on the roof, then checked the small outbuilding in the yard and said that was where they could get a signal. But since its roof isn't too solid, he said he would bring a pole to install there that would raise the equipment higher for better reception. He brought the pole a few days later, installed it and then ran a cable to the house, agreed with my husband to drill a hole through the wall, programmed all the equipment and showed us how to set up a couple of routers in the house. He was so very supportive and kind! We had a great experience, and so far our internet signal is good. (Just to think that for 3 years through the pandemic we've needed to go to the library every 1-3 weeks to rent hotspots to get internet.!) Thank you, Rise and Derek!!!

- Laurie Adato    Google | May 16, 2023

Right on time. CS was so pleasant and walked us through everything we needed to know and had questions about. Tech 2as equally pleasant and helpful

- Susan B    BBB | May 15, 2023

Fast and accurate install. Tech was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.

- Mary-Kay “MK” Deveraux    Google | May 15, 2023

Beyond My Expectations! Jim was awesome please ask for him

- Courtney Nash-Fitzhugh    Google | May 13, 2023

Outstanding customer service. ******** stole my money and Rise Broadband saved the day. **************** is a priority to this company. Great service as well, I highly recommend Rise Broadband!!!

- Demond H    BBB | May 13, 2023

Installment was super fast and easy. Tech was on time and helpful. Internet so far is muche faster than our previous provider.

- Erika Patronas    Google | May 12, 2023

Second day of use, NO problem so far! Nice customer service & fast set-up!

- Charlene B    BBB | May 11, 2023

Was here when they said they would be. Installed in minutes. Speeds have been pretty good.

- Tom s    BBB | May 11, 2023

3 years a customer. Sadie L in Customer Service provided us exemplary service on two occasions. One on an installation issue and one on a billing issue. Thank you, Sadie, for you knowledge, expertise and willingness to help.

- G B    Google | May 04, 2023

Rise was able to use the existing mast and wiring, which really increased the efficiency of the installation. Up and running in a matter of minutes. Great job!

- Randy M    BBB | Apr 30, 2023

We are renting this house and changed the internet from owners to us. It was so easy and all done in less than 2 Minutes. AMAZING

- Tania Mundie    Google | Apr 29, 2023

Excellent service and happy to get Rise Broadband.

- Phil Natland    Google | Apr 29, 2023

This company is One of the good ones, good service and fast issues fixing I do recommend it to everyone.

- Refugio H    BBB | Apr 29, 2023

No issues as of yet. Always seems to have a good connection.

- Jared P    BBB | Apr 27, 2023

Wonderful service for support. People were very knowledgeable and courteous. Problem solved quickly and politely. Thank you for your support.

- Sara Seagler    Google | Apr 25, 2023

Good experience so far.

- Nathan W    Google | Apr 22, 2023

Rise communicated when and what time they would show for the install and the installers where amazing and ran the ethernet to where I had setup my router. Great experience and we have plenty of bandwidth to run our TV's (3) and use our phones.

- Mark Hunt    Google | Apr 20, 2023

Fantastic, thorough and kind installer. 👏

- Barby Hopkins (Barby)    Google | Apr 19, 2023

only two days in but best install of any one, the wifi is what I needed.

- David J    BBB | Apr 17, 2023

Tech came to do install after 5PM, worked until it was done, even when rain looked like it was coming. Very happy

- John Hines    Google | Apr 16, 2023

Had Rise Broadband years ago...when they were still new. Going back because they are very competitive with their pricing and am hoping that their popularity would have prompted them to update their tower, a problem we had before with only like 7 families in our rural area as subscribers. So far, so good. Hoping for a long lasting relationship!

- Renee Johnson    Google | Apr 14, 2023

Our service was a bit of a challenge due to us being in a hole and tall trees all around. They kept working with us and we put up a tower. We bought one taller than necessary, but it allowed them to point us to a faster tower instead of the closest one. We are sooooo happy with the quality of our service and will be saving 100 a month from our old "unlimited" service that only provided 100 gigs of high speed. I highly recommend Rise Broadband to any and all!!

- Julia Harris    Google | Apr 14, 2023

So far, so good...hoping to have a very long relationship with this company.

- Renee J    BBB | Apr 14, 2023

Customer service is very experienced and courteous. Installation was excellent. Tech went out of his way to please me and was very courteous and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions with patience.

- Brenda Brewer    Google | Apr 11, 2023