excellent technical support

- Guillermo Briceno    Our Website | Feb 23, 2024

Did a good job .I have great service now .I would recomend to anyone.

- Dan Hill    Our Website | Feb 23, 2024

Derek installed my internet. He was very friendly and explained everything he was doing and completed the install in a very timely manner. He did a great job.

- Connie Sims    Our Website | Feb 21, 2024

The young man was very professional and informative.

- Collein Amos    Our Website | Feb 18, 2024

Muy bien todo gracias por los servicios

- Joseph Cova Rios    Our Website | Feb 18, 2024

Very informative

- Edna Bledsoe    Our Website | Feb 17, 2024

Great experience! So far the service is great!

- Tara Prelewicz    Our Website | Feb 16, 2024

I live in the country, where internet providers are hard to find. Overall, we have been pretty happy with their internet. Outages seem to take place over night, and rarely for more than a day. I had a great interaction with Cierra Langley today about my internet service. She was very helpful, informative, and professional during our talk. I would highly recommend their internet to anyone in their service area.

- Chase McClaren    Google | Feb 16, 2024

Great job. Very pleased with service

- Angel Hoskins    Our Website | Feb 16, 2024

Excellent thank y’all very much

- Jacqueline Hogan    Our Website | Feb 16, 2024

Our service tech was very polite. Did his job, explained what he was doing, answered our questions and we have no complaints

- Don Reini    Our Website | Feb 15, 2024

Had a few hiccups in the beginning (which was Monday 2/12) However, I had great response from Cierra and was able to figure out the issue. In the end I figured out what the issue was and it seemed a tech had put a cord/wire in the wrong area. Problem solved.

- Michelle Kielman    Our Website | Feb 15, 2024

Here on rime did great install

- Robert Garner    Our Website | Feb 13, 2024

I contacted Rise since my father had passed away and I needed to take his name off the account and replace it with mine. In the event, the salespeople created a new account for me with the same parameters and also, at my request, went over upgrade options, which I will eventually want to act on. I spoke with three people--Mikela (probably misspelled), Sonny and Michelle-- over the course of several days, and in each case I was EXTREMELY satisfied with the friendliness, helpfulness, competence, etc. of those with whom I worked. I even asked if I could contact them directly when was ready to upgrade--such was the level of the experience. I have several relatives and friends who use Rise Broadband and I will certainly be sharing this experience with them.

- Doug Decroix    Our Website | Feb 08, 2024

Tyler is very friendly and knows what he is doing. He has been to my house before and I hope he’s the only one that comes to my home.

- Linda Goates    Our Website | Feb 07, 2024

Daryl the installer was great to work with and all is good thank you Mitch

- Mitchell Whittington    Our Website | Feb 07, 2024

Jared Wade and Josh Slager were great to work with

- Kyle Fasse    Our Website | Feb 07, 2024

Great wonderful quick service

- Lacretia Green    Our Website | Feb 05, 2024

I am very happy with my internet. My service is great. Instillation was done quickly and very professional. Very polite answered all of my questions, this is the first time I have gotten internet. I am very happy with my experience with your company.

- Sue Miller    BestCompany | Feb 02, 2024

The best service for living in the country!!!

- Tina Faiz    BestCompany | Feb 01, 2024

I decided to upgrade to fiber optics and hence choose the Loveland Pulse more than 20 years of service. The rates at " The Loveland Pulse" now more competitive. I have enjoyed the costumer service that I have received through out the years. Even my final uninstalation of equipment was a wonderful experience. Thank you.

- Cusimi Looking    Google | Jan 31, 2024

The recent icy weather caused my Rise Broadband receiver (on the roof) to not work as well so they sent out a technician. He was great!!! He raised my receiver a couple of feet higher to go above my neighbors trees, and now my WiFi is faster and reliable. He was a very nice man and explained everything before he left. I highly recommend Rise Broadband!!!

- Karen or Gary Paris    Google | Jan 28, 2024

The customer service rep I worked with was polite thorough. They explained every step in transferring my service. The service works exactly as they said it would. Extremely satisfied!

- Tana L    BBB | Jan 22, 2024

****, the tech, was very professional and went the extra mile to help us get set up. He was awesome!

- Brittani B    BBB | Jan 20, 2024

Deep in country ,the connection is fast and reliable! The process of making an appointment was quick and easy. Tech came when mentioned and did the job with ease. Definitely will refer to anybody in the area.

- Ulices T    BBB | Jan 20, 2024

I spoke with Karman in solutions at Rise Broadband today about a bill issue. She was courteous and extremely helpful in resolving the issue. Thank you for awesome customer service.

- K Mengeling    Google | Jan 19, 2024

The tech was helpful and awesome! Great service and prompt. Thank you!!!

- Dana P    BBB | Jan 19, 2024

The person that set up my installation and the installer were both great to work with and so far loving the service we have in a very remote area.

- Carmela Z    BBB | Jan 17, 2024

The Tech arrived timely and was efficient in getting our services connected. He helped us connect our new TV and updated our sign-in information. Simply professional!!

- Rita H    BBB | Jan 17, 2024

The Installation Tech was GREAT! Very professional, timely and got the job done right! I am a new customer to Rise and look forward to being one for a long time!

- Tara H    BBB | Jan 12, 2024

Rise broadband was able to install a week before I scheduled the installation.

- Curtis B    BBB | Jan 12, 2024

Installers were very professional and knowledgeable, and installation was quick and easy.

- Amanda F    BBB | Jan 11, 2024

Rise has been great. Everytime I needed help or issue with billing they went above and beyond to help me. I really appreciate them always helping me. Also the service is great. Fast speeds no lagging can use multiple devices at same time.

- Kara G    BBB | Jan 10, 2024

I've seldom had issues with Rise, and ***** does fantastic work.

- Mary H    BBB | Jan 10, 2024

This is the second service on my property. Tech was prompt, communicated well and mapped out a plan that was the best for the location. He had to schedule a return trip for the actual install (we had to trim some trees) and was again prompt and professional and completed the job quickly. Rise Broadband service is good with few interruptions. Nice to have rural service that doesn't break the bank!

- Carla P    BBB | Jan 09, 2024

Great installer, he was able to install router where I wanted it. Good wifi and TV quality.

- Steven F    BBB | Jan 06, 2024

Very good service on installation at our house. His name was Mike. Very nice and very knowledgeable. Was very impressed with our installer. Jim and Marilyn Rochester I’ll.

- Jim Boaden    Google | Dec 12, 2023

Installation went great. Not a ton of options out in the country, but Rise is giving me better service at a more competitive price than the cellular providers.

- Douglas Soltesz    Google | Dec 11, 2023

When I first moved to Georgetown TX the service was spotty at best when I came back to Rise I think in March of 2023 the service has ben excellent. thank you, don

- Donald Rogers    Google | Dec 11, 2023

This company is the best by far! The technician was very knowledgeable on installing my equipment. I definitely would recommend this place to anyone. Thanks Rise Broadband :)

- London Guevara    Google | Dec 11, 2023

Tom was very professional and thoughtful. He was helpful in the placing of the dish. He let me know it didn't have to go on my new roof. He was able to place it on my upstairs deck. I am very happy with that. He swept up where he had to drill and made sure I understood how everything works. I will definitely recommend this company.

- deborah anderson    Google | Dec 07, 2023