We are new customers We are new customers. Our installer, Jasper, was very thorough and efficient. He explained everything as he went along and was so helpful in getting our devices set up with the internet. Hopefully our service will be as good as our installation experience. Thank you.

- RAYMOND ALBERT    Trustpilot | Jul 23, 2021

Rise broadband has been a fantastic broadband service for me especially living in a rural area. I’ve tried the other services available to me and Rise has been the best by far. I recently moved to even a more remote location where the only other option was a mobile hotspot which had very weak signal, limited use, and unreliable connection. After waiting a couple of weeks for Rise to come out and set up service I’m very pleased once again with the unlimited access and strong, reliable connection. The install person was very friendly and quick. The only complaint I have is that it took them so long to be able to come out and set it up, especially since I’m an online student. I highly recommend Rise Broadband.

- Paula Koelbl    Google | Jul 22, 2021

My installers were on time and answered all my questions completely. They were very professional and courteous. I'm very happy with my internet service with Rise Broadband.

- Penney Gurrola    Google | Jul 21, 2021

On day 2 of my service. Im getting almost double the speeds i was with my old provider for the same cost, and much better service. Installation was great, the guy was super reapectful and understanding of my kids being heathens. Living out in the countey we REALLY need good service and im excited for it!

- Briee    Google | Jul 20, 2021

The installer was great, very nice and courteous! No issues with service so far!

- MARK S    BBB | Jul 20, 2021

I can't believe I didn't change sooner! I changed services after a neighbor told me about Rise Broadband. and how happy they were with their service. My current provider was so slow you couldn't watch a video. Internet is lightning fast, phone service didn't port right away, but to say the tech and his support team went above and beyond to get the service up and running is an understatement. They were awesome!. Everyone that I have dealt with has been exceptionally nice and friendly. Highly recommend their services!!

- Lp K    BBB | Jul 20, 2021

Derek was great! On time, knowledgeable, friendly and patient.

- Robb Krenz    Google | Jul 19, 2021

So far so great! The installer was just fantastic. He did a superb job of the install and was very courteous. And the service itself is great so far. Much more reliable and faster than the mobile data service we had with A_T. I signed up with Rise at the recommendation of my neighbor who has used them for years and runs his business over their service. He highly recommended them. I'm very pleased thus far.

- JandJ Griffith    Google | Jul 18, 2021

My experience with Rise Broadband has been outstanding. From my initial contact, with one phone call, friendly, knowledgeable, professional technicians installed a WiFi service that is far superior to that provided by the competing company. The customer service is excellent. With the other company I was never able to "talk" to a live person and never was able to resolve issues over their text and email communication systems. Rise is a winner www.DCmovesAZ.com

- Denny C    BBB | Jul 18, 2021

The technician sent out was early and very kind. Great service all around o highly recommend RISE of you're in a rural area.I believe this brand was the best I was gonna find in my area.

- anthony rodriguez    Google | Jul 17, 2021

Your technician was wonderful....very helpful and courteous. So far we are happy with the system and look forward to many years of internet with Rise Broadband

- Lecia Green    Google | Jul 17, 2021

Have had Rise for only 2 days, but wow....what a difference...it's like I'm back in the city! I'm now able to Teams/Zoom calls & not sound like I'm underwater on the other end. Even if the difference in speed was not that great from my previous provider I would still gladly switch over to Rise simple based on their service tech Martin...this guy was amazing, smart & just an overall good dude! Rise, it's employees like Martin that make a huge difference....don't ever lose this guy! You are lucky to have such a great representive for your company. Thank you both for the fast connection & amazing service! I'm a huge fan!

- V. S.    Google | Jul 16, 2021

Rise Broadband saved the day! I previously had an appt. with a different provider but it would have been over a month wait to get service fortunately Rise Broadband saved the day. They were recommended by our new neighbors and the price is affordable. Installation was good and the technician was very helpful. It is seems faster than my previous internet provider so far.

- Jackie    Trustpilot | Jul 16, 2021

Great work and showed up during the time they stated.

- Steve    BBB | Jul 16, 2021

First rate service and installation. Tech was very respectful and polite. He was very helpful and explained things well. Thanks for everything.

- Tammy Koemel    Google | Jul 14, 2021

It was the easiest & fastest install without any issues for internet we've had.

- Teddy B    BBB | Jul 14, 2021

Great service and product

- jackie jones    Google | Jul 13, 2021

Outstanding installation by Ignacio and its giving me super fast internet speeds!

- K Wirlwin    Google | Jul 13, 2021

My phone call was answered quickly and all questions were answered. Installer was right on time and very professional. Internet was tested at 40 and our previous provider's speed was at .5. Very pleased!

- Rebecca L    BBB | Jul 13, 2021

The technician was prompt and very efficient. I was pleased that he stayed until I was satisfied with the installation.

- Gwen B    BBB | Jul 12, 2021

Hook up was great. Technician very friendly checked signal explained how things worked and got everything working before he left. Only thing Is I occasionally have internet drop off but usually comes back within minute or 2. Do not know what causes this as I can see the tower down the street about 8 blocks so have direct sight no obstructions. Other than that it works great has great speed and I like it.

- Steve H    BBB | Jul 12, 2021


- john totos    Google | Jul 11, 2021

Our tech. did a great job! He had to do some extra work to make it work and come back a second time to make it in a permanent location and both times he was quick,efficient,knowledgeable, but most of all super pleasant!

- Cynthia Fernandez    Google | Jul 09, 2021

Our installer was extremely… Our installer was extremely knowledgeable. He was fast and efficient , explained as he went, answered any questions we had. He tested and made sure everything was working prior to leaving.

- Alan Stahl    Trustpilot | Jul 09, 2021

Excellent service. The installing technician could not have been better. So far, our internet experience has been fine.

- dbr46032    Google | Jul 08, 2021

Great experience I’ve had Rise for several years and have always had good experiences. I recently moved and had great customer service, from the change request to the new installation.

- Jody K    Trustpilot | Jul 05, 2021

Thank you for taking care of our opportunity to stay connected with better internet speeds.

- Ruben Gonzalez    Google | Jul 04, 2021

So far, so good. We had HughesNet satellite and were never happy with them. Once our 2-year commitment was completed, and we weren’t stuck with early termination charges, we signed up with Rise. Couldn’t be happier!! Their installation crew was fast, courteous, professional. Our internet speeds are comparable to cable. Now we can stream movies and surf the internet without latency and data caps! Loving them at this point.

- Lynne Carr    Google | Jul 04, 2021

So excellent on all account. No problems streaming or using my technology. The installation technician was absolutely fabulous.

- Francis Johnson    Google | Jul 03, 2021

A huge improvement in speed from the service we had been using, 8 to 1 improvement. So far all is great, and have already made a recommendation to a good friend.

- Mike M    BBB | Jul 03, 2021

Rise was within there appointed time tech was very knowledgeable and new his stuff had me up and running in 1/2 hour. Great installer. Service not bad too.

- Dorian W    BBB | Jul 03, 2021

The technicians were very professional and answer all the questions i had regarding my internet service, am very happy with them.

- Julian Borrego    Google | Jul 02, 2021

I recently moved outside of the city and was having trouble finding good internet service. I tried a different service for one month and it was trash. Did not work at all! Got recommended to Rise by a neighbor and I love it. I work from home and I use my wifi all day long along with the rest of my family streaming videos etc I have had no issues with speed or connections at all. Would recommend for sure!

- Maria Gamino    Google | Jul 02, 2021

They have been so great and amazing. They came out and replaced our old internet and it is amazing. Great customer service!

- Heather S    BBB | Jul 02, 2021

The tech was very responsive and made special effort to install our system.

- John Knox    Google | Jul 01, 2021

Every one has been so great in helping me. They walked me through every step. Technical support was great in helping me set up my devices. Great support and they really care.

- Janet Bain    Google | Jun 30, 2021

Excellent customer service! Technician was very professional but friendly. He was on time & very efficient.

- Trena D    BBB | Jun 30, 2021

Called Rise Broadband they came within a few days to check out where the dish was to be came back the next week I needed the week to set a post and cut branches off a tree and put up my new dish in the rain was very through making sure everything was working like it should would recommend them to anyone that wants to have high speed internet Betty Ann

- Bettysbarn    Google | Jun 30, 2021

When I called to inquire about their services they were very friendly and helpful. Walked me through everything and really listened to me! Technician that came and installed service was very courteous and patient. Made sure I knew what he was doing and made sure everything worked before he left. I would definitely recommend this company!

- Melissa M    BBB | Jun 29, 2021

Very happy with my install. The guys were very friendly and knew what they were doing. They were happy to accommodate and provide for my needs. My internet speed is 1000% better than what I had with the previous provider.

- john v    BBB | Jun 29, 2021

Quick install, servicing IT was very knowledgeable, speeds are good for what I wanted them for, considering we're in the middle of nowhere I have zero complaints

- Vaal Hazak    Google | Jun 26, 2021

Rize just gained a loyal customer So far I am extremely happy from the initial contact, to initialize my service, through the speedy installation process. I am an IT Tech so I can be a bit critical, however, the installer knew his stuff and I am now finally enjoying the kind of service CenturyLink should have been providing. We've been using our phone hot spots since the beginning of 2012 because of the horrible service and now it seems we can again enjoy fast Internet at a reasonable price. Thank you, Rize!

- Al    Trustpilot | Jun 25, 2021