So far so good! The installer was very professional!

- Mitzi Brunson    Google | May 23, 2022

The technician was thorough, friendly, and kept us informed of our options all through the process.

- Sherrilynn Bair    Google | May 22, 2022

Kory Argyle installed for me it was a very pleasant experience he was fast and efficient and helped get everything set up. Free installation and cheap good internet great experience all around messaged Kory to ask about it and he was there installing the next day

- barbara izatt    Google | May 21, 2022

It was a rocky start but they turned things around quickly (same day) and were able to hook our internet up when other providers could not. Highly recommend!

- Rose Contes    Google | May 16, 2022

Fast friendly install and great speeds for watching movies n streaming

- Michael Busbea    Google | May 15, 2022

Very fast and friendly install. The internet speeds are great for streaming **************

- Michael B    BBB | May 15, 2022

Love Rise Broadband!!

- Kimberly Humphreys    Google | May 15, 2022

Absolutely great customer service. The gentlemen that came out went above and beyond to answer all my questions. They were very polite and helpful. When I called in I also had a great experience. I will definitely be telling all my friends and family about y'all, in fact I've already started!

- Lindsey E    BBB | May 13, 2022

just want to thank your field team Eric and daniel..Daniel... they followed up on a failed install from yesterday... I was so impressed that your guys wanted to verify what went wrong during the install and then set me up with internet I less than 1.5 hours... who does that these days.. follow thru...having employees who really care and make sure they provide high quality rare in this world nowadays... warmed my heart.. they felt my pain to be able to work from home... any company cam setup a new account or update a file or take a payment.... that's not customer service.. REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE DOESNT HAPPEN UNTIL PROBLEMS OCCUR.. THEN YOU FIND OUT ABOUT A PERSON AND A COMPANY...

- Princeton Man    Google | May 12, 2022

Even though it took 2 different times of rescheduling, I have to say the technician came as appointment was scheduled, installation was quick and technician was very professional, internet works great. I would recommend to a friend or family member thank you!*****

- Julie B    BBB | May 11, 2022

Roger did an incredible job on installation. I was the first person on one of their new towers, so it took a couple trips. The result was a speed 5 times the competition at the same price. Love Rise

- Tim Howsden    Google | May 08, 2022

The service tech was very nice and took care of getting everything set up in a timely manner. We are getting good speed from Rise. Thank you

- Gina Phillips    Google | May 06, 2022

The overall experience was great. I had so much going on that day, that I do not remember the technician's name, but he did a great job. He arrived early and called to ask if anyone was home. He was most understanding when I explained that I couldn't leave work any earlier than I had already planned on for our appointment. He still got busy and was already checking around for signal strength when I got there. Nice manors, which is truly missing with a lot of the younger people these days. So far the service has been great. I will have to wait until I have an issue to see how the rest of their customer service is, but the ones handling the new service from set up to installation have been great!!

- Traci Lester    Google | May 04, 2022

Tech was fantastic! Explained everything to us and guaranteed quick service if we have any problems!

- Vicky Hogan    Google | May 03, 2022

Great experience so far. From sales to quick install, everything has been perfect.

- David Lee    Google | May 03, 2022

Extremely helpful customer service and very knowledgeable installation technician

- Daniel Gil    Google | May 03, 2022

Good service in a timely manner.

- Dan Harbour    Google | May 01, 2022

The installer showed up in the time frame promised. Took time to discuss our needs. Spent quite a bit of time checking around the house and trees on the property for the best options for placing the dish relative to the tower. I was very impressed with his professionalism and customer service.

- William T    BBB | Apr 30, 2022

Rise was very easy to work with. So far I’m very pleased with the service and the price. The installer was very personable and knowledgeable. He came up with an alternative way to set up that saved a lot of time and should prevent possible issues down the line. One small glitch was when I changed the install date the need for a tower climber didn’t get picked up causing about a week delay. That was probably because of the automated system. Have had service for just a few days but so far so good.

- Russ Burran    Google | Apr 30, 2022

Living in a rural area is amazing but trying to find quality internet has been a nightmare. Our service tech came out and because of all the trees there wasn't service available but he promised me he was going to get is internet. We were able to find a spot on my property with clear service and had an option to put a post in the ground for them to mount the hardware. That's what we did and we FINALLY have fast internet, something we have waited for, for year!!

- Erin Crabtree    Google | Apr 30, 2022

Technical support was what I would expect from your company. Somebody answered the phone with three ************ was back online within ten minutes. I have had other companies that have not even come close to providing the type of service you provide.Thank you for allowing me to provide a review.

- Henry H    BBB | Apr 30, 2022

everything went well from initial phone conversation thru installation

- Ronnie Hamilton    Google | Apr 28, 2022

Great service. Very responsive to service needs and questions. This was my second time to have Seth as the technician. He is definitely a first rate asset for Rise Broadband. Thanks Rise!

- RkF    Google | Apr 28, 2022

Installation guys were there actually a bit early. Installation went quick, very friendly installers.

- Roger W    BBB | Apr 28, 2022

Our technician was a-mazing!! He was kind and respectful and ensured we had everything we needed in our new home environment. Very professional and proficient with an excellent customer service attitude!! Friendly and helpful with local information that just made our day!! Lance, you went well above and beyond our expectations!!!

- Rev. Rita-Renee Hollinshed    Google | Apr 27, 2022

Great service! Installation guy very nice and professional. Thank you!

- Coleen C    BBB | Apr 24, 2022

Was happy with the service the time we had it. Couldn't get service here from anyone else. Only reason we're having it turned off us because my grandson is almost finished with his classes and no longer needs it. And I can't afford to keep it since I'm on a fixed income. But all in all I enjoyed the service.

- Annette Mason    Google | Apr 23, 2022

The Techs did a great job and where in and out quickly. Thanks

- Doug Porter    Google | Apr 22, 2022

Technical support was great! The tech was able to see how totally screwed up my installation was (my errors). Tech was able to guide me through resetting the Deco unit and reestablishing my network. Works perfectly.

- Stephen R    BBB | Apr 22, 2022

The Rise Broadband technician installed our system with no problems. It turns out you can see the Rise Broadband tower from my home which is a good thing because it is hard to get service in my area. As he set up the routers, he explained how they worked. He was very helpful in letting me know if there are any problems that I could contact Rise Broadband. The technician was polite and very knowledgeable of the Rise Broadband system.I love having unlimited data and my current speed is **** Mbps for downloads and in a few weeks it should hit 100 Mbps or more. My upload speed is **** Mbps.

- Donna B    BBB | Apr 22, 2022

The ordering process was super easy with assistance from the customer service along with the explanations of everything. Day of install was knowledgeable and smooth. The technician was phenomenal at going over the placing of equipment and what would work best. This was the best experience I have ever had with any internet company. Kind, courteous, knowledgeable; I could go on and on.

- Jennifer Naivar    Google | Apr 21, 2022

Rise Broadband responded very quickly to my initial call about installation. The serviceman was very nice to my wife, and helpful for all of our questions.

- Aaron Pendergrass    Google | Apr 20, 2022

On time for installation, very informative on the whole process.

- Stacy Cook    Google | Apr 19, 2022

Tech installation was a little late. Like last minute. But he was awesome when he got here and very informative. Worked with me to make installation the least intrusive and best looking possible. The power and bandwidth is excellent, very fast.

- Joe P    BBB | Apr 18, 2022

Joe was on time, courteous and installed without a hitch. The product is great so far.

- Jerry Ince    Google | Apr 18, 2022

Excellent experience overall and now my internet is Superfast!! Very happy customer and will recommend Rise Broadband to all my freinds!! The Tp-Link Deco M4 is an excellent router and I have increased my wifi range by an enormous amount!! My service here has been rock solid not once has it dropped!! This is the fastest internet speeds I have ever had!! Thank you!!

- Xeno Morph    Google | Apr 17, 2022