Very pleased with the service during the installation process, and with the finished product. Our installer Eric went the extra mile, working on our roof during high winds and cold rain -- but he took his time and did the job right. Our new internet is up and running, and all is right with the world again.

- Cecil Green    Google | Jan 15, 2022

The gentleman that helped me worked very hard on a issue I was having.Great job!

- Eddie Phipps    Google | Jan 15, 2022

Working from home I needed to choose a reliable internet. I chose Rise Broadband It took a few days for someone to come out to set it up. The set up was quick and relatively simple. I hooked up the internet and phone. I used it for approx 5 years and then moved to an area where they didn’t service. The pricing was consistent and pretty reasonable! They have awesome customer service and support! I hope they service my area soon!

- Paula Pili    BestCompany | Jan 15, 2022

The customer service reps were polite and knowledgeable. They were able to get me a same day tech appointment. The tech arrived on time and we’re polite and professional. Explained what they were doing and the ins and outs of the app specific to the system. We are completely happy with our Rise Broadband!!

- ILike Grapesoda    Google | Jan 15, 2022

Very one was extremely personable

- Richard Chretien    Google | Jan 14, 2022

Excellent service!!!

- Erika Recobo    Google | Jan 14, 2022

The installer came on time and was very nice, service on the speed is ok. Not fast but still manageable. I guess moving from the city to Pahrump you are spoil from the super internet speed to 3 time less speed. I work from home and so far speed is ok for my job. Wish I can download faster. Take over 1 hour to download 12 GB. I am used to DL that in a few minute. For Pahrump I guess they have the fastest internet. I've all I am ok with he service. For the install I rate him 10 star very nice and excellent skill. Thank

- Jon Lam    Google | Jan 12, 2022

Professional installer. Fast internet.

- Oh Kay    Google | Jan 10, 2022

We've only had Rise Broadband for a few days, but the scheduling and installation was easy and the technician was very accommodating and patient as we determined where to run the wires and mount the unit. The only drawback is their website. It is lacking, but the customer service and internet quality have been great so far.

- Julie Bartholomew    Google | Jan 10, 2022

Installer was awesome!

- Rhonda Henderson    Google | Jan 09, 2022

even though they failed to show up on 1st appointment . The 2nd time the installer came hooked the system explained it thougherly was a pleasant person and it worked

- Dennis Hoover    Google | Jan 05, 2022

Thank you so much Leo! You did an amazing job sir! Service is outstanding. As I work from home and needed a reliable connection, I am very happy with my installation and service. Thank you very much sir and hands down best technician I have ever dealt with!

- Alan Rutledge    Google | Jan 04, 2022

I live out in the mountains and for 10 years I've tried many different options for internet with horrible luck. They came out Thursday and installed it. Absolutely amazing! Guy did a awesome job installing and internet is unbelievable! Streaming, downloading, gaming flawlessly! Highly recommend! Thank you!!

- Corey Noll    Google | Jan 04, 2022

Only reason a 4-star is due to the pushy person on the phone when ordering internet. They push you to listen to "other offers" which is annoying. Obviously, they get paid if you listen to one of the offers. Installation was perfect- Thanks Eric

- Steve Ninesling    Google | Jan 01, 2022

We switched to Rise a few days ago from another internet provider. Their technician was great! My husband was able to get Ethernet run to the correct location in our crawl space that worked best with the location of the dish on our roof while the technician got the dish set up. We are paying for 50mbps and consistently getting around 45mbps which is night and day from our last provider. I have called in a couple of times and it is so nice to talk with an actual human being without going through 50+ automated recordings. I wish we had made the switch sooner.

- Bonnie Myers    Google | Dec 31, 2021

Great service and súper fast internet speed as advertise. Paul was my installer; EXTREMELY knowledgeable and helpful in setting up my entire home intranet. Looking forward to many years working with Rose Broadband.

- Colorado Dreamer    Google | Dec 28, 2021

The Tech was great, super knowledgeable and helpful. A great install.

- Deborah Howe    Google | Dec 26, 2021

My service was rescheduled for a date 1 week earlier than the originally scheduled date. Then the technician called to ask if he could come earlier that day. I was thrilled to get my service earlier than expected! The technician was polite, clearly communicated what needed to be done, and got the job done efficiently.

- Michelle Decker    Google | Dec 24, 2021

The tech arrived on time. The install didn't take very long. So far the service is pretty good. Much better than what i was getting before, but not completely what was advertised or what i was sold on. I know its "up to" 50mbps...but the first night i was barely getting 12mbps. Now the second was much better and closer to what I am paying for...we will see how it goes from here on out.

- Barry Thompson    Google | Dec 23, 2021

My home is at the bottom of a hill surrounded by trees. It took the men from Rise a long time to get my satellite dish positioned high enough to where I was able to reach a signal. They never gave up and offered me several alternatives, explaining each one. They wanted to make sure I was satisfied with the location which I appreciated. Great hard working fellas, an asset to Rise Co. I love my new service!!!

- vicki lightner    Google | Dec 22, 2021

Only had this service for about a week but it is top-notch! Streaming shows without any problems!!!

- Kim Thomas    Google | Dec 22, 2021

The process was slow to start, but working with Tonya was great. Overall very pleased.

- Russ Hagerty    Google | Dec 21, 2021

Prompt, efficient and you only pay if they can get you service.

- DL Schraub    Google | Dec 21, 2021

The installer was awesome....made a hard install look easy. Service has been good thus far (just into day 3). Very happy!

- Mike Carlson    Google | Dec 20, 2021

This review is for Rhome, TX, not in CO. Our technician was great! He was extremely nice, professional & quick. We've only had service for a few days now & no complaints. We'll see after the holidays as I work from home. Also, the prices for internet are reasonable.

- Amy Wendell    Google | Dec 19, 2021

Very nice employees, and great customer service

- Erin Berkness    Google | Dec 19, 2021

My installer had to re-schedule a second appointment after coming onsite, analyzing our situation, he determined that I needed to set a 10 foot metal post (which he provided) in a one foot deep hole filled with concrete. The same installer returned on his second visit and did the complete installation in less than an hour. Our installer, Shane, was courteous, knowledgeable and very efficient.

- Thomas Taylor    Google | Dec 19, 2021

Great installation experience, all problems solved!

- Lady UnderGrace    Google | Dec 18, 2021

Joe is the technician that came out for our installation and that guy is abs the best. He knew exactly what to do and how to go about the installation. He answered all of my questions about the service being provided. He assured me he was not leaving until everything was perfect, he’ll he even stayed to help connect our generator to the new Wi-Fi. As far as the service itself before Joe arrived my generator message said that it couldn’t detect the satellite Wi-Fi I had been using. After Joe arrived the generators Wi-Fi signal was close to 90%!!! I live out in the country and this service just works!!!

- Lamarr Adams    Google | Dec 18, 2021

Installer showed up at the perfect time, communicated everything, and tested signal strength before he started the work. I live in the country so anything that is better than HughesNet had to be better. Not five minutes after he left, I watched a streaming movie with NO glitches!

- Jonathon Clayton    Google | Dec 17, 2021

Easy to schedule for installation. Excellent technician and service. Very good signal and reliable

- Suzanne Stovall    Google | Dec 14, 2021

Our service has been very good so far. Have good download and upload speed.

- William P    BBB | Dec 14, 2021

Paul was the technician that came to our home to set up our services. Paul was GREAT he was very detailed with were the dish was going to be placed and friendly. I appreciate how kind and courteous he was. Thank you Paul

- maxidancer13    Google | Dec 13, 2021

Great install and tech support to get my network set up. so far quality of connection has been very good.

- R T    Google | Dec 10, 2021